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Vegas Supplies & Gifts 

  A wide selection of custom monogrammed poker chips. The best prices on Custom poker chip sets in the industry. (Enter Coupon  7MXP-EUERXR  at checkout for 10% Discount)

Poker Chip Lounge

A poker supply retailer that offers close to everything in poker supplies. Including an extensive selection of quality poker chip sets at affordable prices.

Casino Supplies

Online  Offers a wide range of poker chips, poker chip sets, multiple poker tables, both table tops and high quality furniture, dealer buttons, cards and accessories.

No Limit Gambling Team               One of the most affordable sites for poker/gambling apparel. Featuring hats, t-shirts and other items centered around one of mankind’s best vices.

Poker ‘n Stuff   

Sellers of clay poker chips, poker table felt, poker table tops, poker chip sets, 11.5g poker chips, and many other quality products.

Poker Bargains  Poker chips, poker books, sets, cases, and accessories all at bargain prices.

We Do It All Vegas  

Poker supplies retailer, with a very good selection. Including gambling and casino supplies, poker books, chips, cases, tables, cards and videos.

Online Poker Rooms

Full Tilt Poker   *

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Carbon Poker

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Poker Stars      *

Odds Chart

         Outs  On the Flop for the Turn  On the Turn for the River On the Flop for the Turn & River Combined
1 Out2.13%2.17%4.26%
2 Outs4.26%4.35%8.42%
3 Outs6.38%6.52%12.49%
4 Outs8.51%8.70%16.47%
5 Outs10.64%10.87%20.35%
6 Outs12.77%13.04%24.14%
7 Outs14.89%15.22%27.84%
8 Outs17.02%17.39%31.45%
9 Outs19.15%19.57%34.97%
10 Outs21.28%21.74%38.39%
11 Outs23.40%23.91%41.72%
12 Outs25.53%26.09%44.96%
13 Outs27.66%28.26%48.10%
14 Outs29.79%30.43%51.16%
15 Outs31.91%32.61%54.12%
16 Outs34.04%34.78%56.98%
17 Outs36.17%36.96%59.76%
18 Outs38.30%39.13%62.44%
19 Outs40.43%41.30%65.03%
20 Outs42.55%43.48%67.53%
21 Outs44.68%45.65%69.94%
22 Outs46.81%47.83%72.25%